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AI Tool ‘The Ripeness Checker’ Helps To Prevent Food Waste

A recently developed AI tool, dubbed ‘The Ripeness Checker’ could help to slash our food waste by checking inside our food items. The AI tool was developed by a food tech startup company named OneThird, whose aim is to combat food waste.

So, how does the tool work? The tool first scans food items using its unique AI system and near-infrared laser, which then relays the information back to the producer about the quality of the food. Based on this information, producers can decide which items are best fit for supermarkets (for example, those with a longer shelf life), and which to potentially send to charities and food banks.

Image of woman scraping food into her bin.

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In addition to relaying more accurate information, producers can also use the tool to provide more accurate ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ dates on their products. For example, it may be used to give a more accurate date on a packet of blueberries.  In return, consumers should get better, longer-lasting produce as a result.  

Not only is this tool a fantastic advancement for consumers and producers alike, but it may also help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Food waste contributes around 10% to global greenhouse gas emissions, so reducing how much we throw away is key to helping reduce this figure. Measures such as this, alongside food waste laws being implemented around the world, should help to make a positive impact.

Article Credit -
One Third