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Abu Dhabi Below Farm Is Growing Mushrooms In The Desert

Below Farm, based in Abu Dhabi, is growing mushrooms in the desert, helping to avoid using valuable land to grow other crops. Their methods use minimal space, and allow for the mushrooms to be produced all year round with no compromise in quality. In addition, the company also doesn't use pesticides and pushes to use the most sustainable methods possible. So, why is this so great? Growing mushrooms in the desert using vertical farming methods means that the company is also using more sustainable practices when compared to more traditional methods. This is because vertical farming typically uses less land than traditional agriculture.

Image Credits: Below Farm YouTube

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By setting up these sustainable mushroom farms, Below Farm hopes to deliver high-quality, sustainably grown mushrooms in drier and hotter climates. If the company grows, then mushrooms may be more readily available in countries where it wasn't possible before.

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Below Farm