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5 Benefits Of Facial Treatment - Happy Headlines

Are you wondering what the 5 benefits of facial treatments are? We’ll outline the benefits of facials for you below.

1. Cleansed Skin

One benefit of getting a facial is that it can help to cleanse your skin, removing dirt and unclogging pores. A specialist should know what type of facial is best for your skin type.

2. Reduced Stress

A facial treatment typically involves the massaging of the face, which may help to alleviate stress, according to research from 2008. It does so by activating the sympathetic nervous system.

3. Could Help to Slow Ageing  

Maintaining a good skincare routine can help to boost cell regeneration which can help to in turn promote younger looking skin. Implementing a facial into your skin care routine will help to take care of your skin alongside other treatments.

4. Improved Circulation

During a typical facial treatment, your face will be massaged. Research shows that massaging helps to improve blood flow and circulation. But how will this help your skin? Well, increasing your blood circulation will help to bring oxygen and nutrients, as well as helping to carry away waste.

For example, it may help to remove free radicals from working skin cells. Free radicals can include things such as sunlight and air pollution.

5. Treats Acne

If you go to a skin care professional for your facial, they may know the right products to use that will benefit your skin and help to reduce blackheads and whiteheads, as well as potentially reducing irritation. A facial may also help to cleanse and unclog your skin.

Other Benefits of Facial Treatments 

A facial is a popular skin treatment which aims to exfoliate your skin and remove impurities and dead skin, helping to improve the overall health of your skin.  

There are also other benefits of facial treatments, besides those listed above. Facials can help to:

• Exfoliate and tighten your skin by removing dead skin cells.

• Facials can help to soften your skin.

How Often Should You Get A Facial?

According to Allure, a New York City-based dermatologist stated that you should get a professional facial once per month, as a general rule of thumb. This is because our skin cell turnover cycle is 28 days long, so getting a facial more than this amount could irritate the skin.  

Paying a visit to a professional and qualified dermatologist will be able to give you more accurate recommendations based on your skin.

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