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3D Printing Helps Children To Hear Again

In collaboration with Intel and Accenture, the non-profit organization 3DP4ME has helped restore hearing for 52 children in Jordan, with their hopes set on a total of 250 in 2024. This will include both adults and children.

Image Credits: 3DP4ME YouTube

In order to achieve such an incredible feat, the organization uses scanning technologies to map out accurate images of inside the ear. Once they gather this detailed information, they can then use it to 3D print perfectly fitted hearing aids. Of course, this makes the whole process much more efficient and streamlined, thus helping to give more individuals with hearing loss access to solutions faster. Thanks to the efforts of those involved, more and more children are able to have their hearing restored.

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Jason Szolomayer, founder of 3DP4ME, stated: “Previous work to provide hearing aids to children included hand-making the custom ear molds. It was a craft that was labor-intensive, and you could only make four or five hearing aids a day. There were long wait times, even after the kids were tested. Using 3D printing allows us to scale up the service we provide to families and kids who need hearing aids.”

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