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17 Countries Have Committed To Investing In Biodiversity Loss Solutions

During the 2022 U.N. Climate Change Conference, an encouraging total of 17 countries made a commitment to invest in solutions for biodiversity loss. Some of the countries who pledged a commitment include the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Bulgaria.

Image of a frog in the jungle.

Part of this commitment includes countries investing in watershed management, forest management and restoration, increasing funding for parks and protected areas, wildlife management, combatting invasive species, rewilding ecosystems, alongside other biodiversity conservation actions. It will also help to ensure that sustainable supply chains are maintained.

Already, several countries have been putting pressure on governments from across the globe to put an end to subsidies that are harmful to nature. This includes the likes of subsidies in industries such as fisheries and agriculture.

Currently, the world invests a sum of between $120 billion and $140 billion USD per annum into biodiversity conservation. However, this new commitment from countries around the world should see this figure increase.

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